Cast of Characters

Are you struggling or stuck in a negative loop trying to make changes? Do you feel as though there is sometimes an angel on one side and a devil on the another pulling you in two directions? We all have parts of ourselves, our own unique cast of characters. The trick

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Take the time to fall in love with yourself

A short story of how that happened for me I am not sure why I seem to get these ideas when I am blow drying my hair or taking a shower, but insights seem to come to me in the bathroom. I was thinking about how after being with Shelley

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The Haunting Mirror

Gaze upon your reflection, what do you see? There’s a girl in the mirror that haunts me everyday, criticizing my every decision on how to eat, exercise and my overall apperance. I’m not even sure when the haunting began but like the evil queen in the Disney classic Snow White,

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