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We offer a variety of group fitness classes that focus on building strength, cardio and flexibility in a group fitness fashion.

Pilates Mat Class

This 50-minute class focusses on building strength in your core muscles utilizing the basic exercises introduced by Joseph Pilates. This is a beginner to intermediate level class and no previous Pilates experience is required.

Core and Flexibility

During this 50-minute class we will challenge your core for half the class and the other half will focus on stretching.


This class is part strength and part stretch hence the name. You will use a variety of equipment during the first half of the class and then be treated to a deep stretch to loosen your muscles and relax your mind. 


 This class focuses on the basics of Pilates movement principles often using props (bands, balls, Pilates ring, light hand weights, gliders) to explore the movements. Pilates is A movement system that strengthens and lengthens the whole body with an emphasis on the “powerhouse” (abdominals, low back, postural muscles, and gluteals).

Pre-Pilates exercises set the foundation that all Pilates exercises are built upon. Accessible for all abilities and still offers a challenging core workout.


This class explores traditional and contemporary Pilates Mat exercises using props (bands, balls, Pilates ring, light hand weights, gliders) to deepen the experience.
The pace is slightly faster than the Pre-Pilates class and exercises increase in intensity. A strong emphasis on posture, alignment and correct activation of muscles will always be encouraged. Three layers of difficulty are offered for most of the movements so strength and endurance is built gradually and safely.


This class is a combination class with a mix of cardio and strength. You will be rowing or biking and pumping weights. If you are looking for a class that will build your endurance and your overall fitness then this one is the ticket! 
Max 4 people and towels are mandatory! Bring your mats.

Barre Strong

This class incorporates barre-style strength exercises that sculpt and tone your upper and lower body with Pilates inspired core exercises to make every minute count in a fun and motivating way with great music and exciting choreography. The first 3 parts of class are standing and features strong Barre exercises, while the last quarter of the class focuses on Pilates core exercises (think abs, butts, thighs!)
With a focus on improving balance, endurance, flexibility, stability, and strength, barre effectively creates healthy and functionally strong bodies. All movements have modifications and challenges so you can make your workout as gentle or hard as you need.

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