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Do you want to lose weight, tone-up and get stronger? Have you tried diets before with some success but were unable to sustain your results? Or are you just fed up of starving yourself and thinking that is the only road to weight loss? Maybe you have a hard time staying committed to your exercise program and struggle to make it to your workouts?

For all these reasons our Smiling Hearts Renovation program might be the right fit for you. Why? Because this program isn’t about doing anything radical or extreme. It’s about learning how to make changes and the process of change based on psychological principles and evidenced-based theories. While quick fix programs do get results in the short-term they are often unsustainable and leave people feeling more defeated then when they first began. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you learn the process of change and how to implement those processes into your own life you will finally understand why permanent results have been so elusive to you in the past. We take the time to create a solid plan and go deep in order to understand why the changes you want to make haven’t been able to stick. This is not a quick coat of paint, meaning we are not just creating a superficial plan for quick and short-term results. Rather, together we will co-create a long-lasting, lifelong plan and something that you can sustain.

3 Steps to Get You Started

Step 1

Decide on the length of time for your program
(30-60-90 days).

You can always upgrade if you start with the 30 or 60 day option. If you are not sure, Donna will help you decide what length of time might suite your particular goals.

Step 2

Decide on the type of support you wish to have (email, phone, text, or in-person).

You are welcome to choose as many options as you like. In-person support, depending on the frequency, may include additional fees.

Step 3

Decide on the changes you wish to make.

At this step, Donna will help you to find / define your focus, and together you will develop a plan for success.

What You Will Receive


You might be thinking “Will a diet plan for me to follow be provided?” The answer is both yes and no. There are a variety of nutrition plans available in this program, and together you and Donna can decide what may be right for you. Alternately, if you prefer to follow a lifestyle approach, focused not on dieting by instead on learning how to eat in a more balanced way (that may include the odd piece of cake or glass of wine), Donna will tailor your nutrition plan to align with your life. She will help facilitate change by supporting you in making choices about what nutrition plan you wish to follow, and more importantly, why.

Mental Health & Wellness

Because of Donna’s extensive background in physical health and fitness training, together with her on-going Master’s Degree studies in Counselling Psychology, mental health and wellness is one of the most unique, and beneficial, aspects of this program. Donna’s focus of study is on the Psychology of Health. She will combine the physical, behavioural, and mental aspects of personal health in your customized program. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, rumination, chronic pain, or any other challenges that affect your mental health and ability to make changes in your life, Donna’s personalized approach, extensive education, and broad expertise can help you to move forward, and change your life for the better.

Exercise & Movement

Your personalized renovation plan will include discussion on how to first add more movement into your day. If it fits with your fitness goals, Donna will create a personalized exercise plan that makes sense for your busy lifestyle. At Smiling Hearts, we offer a variety of movement options for you to choose from, If you are a Guest Member, taking part in this program and working out elsewhere, then Donna will also discuss what you can do in your life to introduce more physical activity.

program Pricing

These are the three investment levels you can choose from, based on:


When Donna asked who wanted to participate in a 2 month “Weight Equalization” program, I was very hesitant. “Here we go again”.   My constant battle with the scale has been an issue for all of my adult life.  But I relented, thinking this will be great – she will tell me what to do and how to do it!  Maybe this will work.  Maybe I will actually drop those 20 pounds before my next vacation.

Nope.  That didn’t happen.

What happened was something even more exciting, more important and MUCH more rewarding.  I learned.  From other amazing women who (what!?) felt the exact same way I did!  We shared stories, frustration, and tears.  And after 2 months of meetings and discussion of our goals, none of us actually lost the entire goal weight we set out to.  So what was the point? 

This was the point(s):

  • I broke up with my scale.  Forever.  It is not my friend and it had too much power over my day.  Bye Bye
  • I learned how to appreciate myself and my body.  I have spent 35 years berating myself for not being better…..for being lumpy where others were smooth.  For not dropping the extra pounds when it looked like everyone else was able to.  My life is passing me by more quickly than ever before and I am WASTING it by obsessing on how I look. No more beating myself up
  • I learned how to balance my life.  Fuel my body, fill it with nutrients. Exercise my body at the (BEST!) studio on a regular basis.  But still do what my husband and I love – eating out and drinking wine (in moderation)!  Balance. 
  • I can judge my success with eating and exercise habits by measures other than the scale.   My clothes feel looser.  I feel stronger.  I sleep better.  I AM better.
  • Set my goals in manageable obtainable increments.  Don’t set myself up to fail.
  • I am me….I can always improve, always set and meet goals, always strive to improve my health.  But because I want to not because I feel like I have to.  And I am learning to LOVE me 😊 

Thank you to this group of ladies who helped me to realize my self worth is so much more than numbers on a scale!  You are all inspiring to me.  And Thank you to Donna for guiding us on our journey.

– Laurie xo

Donna Hutchinson

BA, Maj, Psychology, Min Counselling and Human Development
M.Ed. Counselling Psychology (completing)

Meet your wellness advisor!
Donna has been working in fitness for over 28 years. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Counseling psychology a Simon Fraser University. She is certified through the American Council On Exercise as a Personal Trainer, Behavior Modification Coach and a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach. Donna teaches yoga and has received specialized training in the area of trauma-sensitive yoga. As an international speaker, Donna has spoken to thousands of people on how the process of change works.

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