Small Group
Personal Training

personal attention and individualized workout

Come join us for our small group personal training classes (8 people or less) Monday to Saturday. Being in a small group allows you to work with your coach more closely so can receive plenty of  one-on-one attention.  Coaches are there to motivate, ensure you are doing your exercises correctly and make any adjustments to your programs as needed. They are not there to watch you workout but there to assist you in reaching your full potential which is the true meaning of coaching.

Sign up is easy using our customized App (Smiling Hearts Yoga) or call to book your first small group session. 778.231.7410 and away you go.  

3 levels of programming

We have 3 levels of programming so if you are just starting out, want to improve or maintain your fitness we have a program to suite wear you are at. It’s not a cookie cutter program, but one designed and matched to your skills, ability and knowledge. That’s why we are offering small group sizes so that we can offer you this level of attention.

All levels can work safely and effectively within our small group personal training classes. Whether you are new to fitness or an experienced individual, your coach will create a workout within your group (or what we call pods) to appropriately challenge you wherever you are on your fitness journey.

Class Schedule

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