Our Story

our core values

We make life better because we believe:

Fostering Growth

We know that providing a caring and supportive atmosphere, fosters growth. We honour individual freedom and are committed to uplifting everyone we touch. No Exception.

With love or not at all

Communicating openly, honestly and without judgement is the norm at Smiling Hearts. We meet people where they are and continually provide ongoing encouragement support and love.

Delivering WOW!

It gives us great joy to make every experience with us one to knock socks off. The bigger the smiles, the great our joy.

Dignity & Diversity

We see and honour the greatness in everyone and celebrate individuality.

Keeping it Real

We believe in keeping it simple, real and most of all…FUN as we know that fun is infectious. And, if all else fails, there is always wine in our fridge!


We passionately promise:

  • Real Connection
  • Real Support
  • Real Fun

Which leads to our members feeling ALIVE!

this is our story

How Smiling Hearts came to be

It was the beginning of December 2013 when both Shelley and I decided that we didn’t need gifts. Instead, we took whatever money we would have spent on each other and purchased hats, gloves, socks and made sandwiches, baked cookies and put all that into 40 bags. We took these bags to the downtown east side and handed them out. The response was overwhelming and the people were extremely kind and grateful. We pledged that we would do this every month for a year and we did. 

Initially we paid for everything, but over time and as word spread our friends, family and then strangers all pitched in to help. Either donating their time, food or money. We partnered with COBS bread and picked up food items to distribute twice a month. We had more then we could handle and ended also supporting the local food bank. 

By the end of our year we were helping about 120 people a month and the need for more was always there. So that people would get to know us, Shelley and I designed the smiling hearts logo and when we decided to partner in this business it was obvious about what we would call it. 

Helping people is at the core of who we are and our goal is simple, we want to help you make your heart smile. We believe in building community and are happy to be located in the heart of Clayton Heights. We will be sure to bring our infectious energy, passion and enthusiasm for health, fitness and mental well-being to every workout.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our future class schedule. 

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