Safety Measures

Re-Opening Plan

for Smiling Hearts Yoga & Fitness Ltd.

We have created a safe re-opening plan based on WorkSafe BC and Fraser Health guidelines. The following document contains our measures for keeping you safe and healthy while working out in our studio.

Background on Smiling Hearts Yoga and Fitness Ltd. (SHYF) Prior to COVID-19

SHYF operates on a small group training model and prior to COVID-19 our class composition consisted of a maximum of 8 people for small group personal training, and a maximum of 12 people for non-hot yoga and group fitness classes. We lease two units (103 & 104) each approximately 650 sq. ft. Pre-registration is required for class bookings and payment is done through our Smiling Hearts Yoga and Fitness App or website, limiting the need for any handling of cash or credit cards.

The remainder of this document will address specific guidelines put forward by WorkSafe BC, which was accessed on May 6, 2020 from here.

In addition Fraser Health Guidelines were accessed May 17. Click here to view

Assess the risk at your workplace

  • We do not have a staff room.

  • We do not have areas where members can congregate in our facility.

  • We have one bathroom and no change rooms. You need to come prepared to work out and will be asked to change at home.

  • You will be asked to enter and exit the studio through our main unit 104, quickly place your items in the cubbies located by the front entrance. There will be clear markings as to the entry and exit point, ensuring a one-way flow of traffic upon entering the studio. The same procedure will be executed for you leaving the facility and in picking up your belongings.

  • Purchases will be done online through our website or our app. You will be encouraged to pay for drop- ins or membership dues online limiting the need to handle credit cards or cash.

  • Forms such as the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for new members will be sent to individuals through electronic format.

  • Class sizes will reduced from 8 to 6 for small group personal training and from 12 to 8 for yoga and group fitness classes.

  • For all group fitness classes and yoga classes, you be required to bring your own mat, towel and any props needed for the class. There will be no shared equipment.

  • For small group personal training classes, there will be individual stations for each person, set a minimum 6 feet apart with equipment already set up. You will not share any equipment during the class. If additional equipment is needed, the personal trainer will be the one to give it to you upon request. The trainer will maintain a 6 ft distance between all members at all times.

  • Common touch point areas include the front door, bathroom and storage cubbies and will all wiped down after each group leaves the facility.


Implement measure to reduce the risk

  • We have installed two non-touch hand sanitizing stations, one at the front desk and the other in the yoga studio. We have a mobile hand sanitizing station outside the studio at the front door.

  • Hand washing can also take place in our bathroom.

  • Upon arrival each staff member will thoroughly wash their hands. They will wash their hands before and after each class and upon leaving the facility at the end of their shift.

  • Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the gym floor or in the yoga studio. This was our policy prior to COVID-19 and we will continue to enforce this. No shoes allowed in the yoga studio.

  • Personal Trainers will wipe any equipment placed at individual stations before members use them.

  • All equipment used by members during their class will be disinfected before the next class begins. We have allotted sufficient time between classes to properly execute this plan.

  • Each member will be provided a personal spray bottle with the appropriate disinfectant and paper to wipe down their equipment. There will be no re- usable towels.

  • Common touch point areas will be wiped down before and after each class.

  • At the end of the day all the equipment will be thoroughly cleaned as well as the floors. All common touch point areas will also be cleaned.

  • As per Fraser Health guidelines you will be asked about your health status and the status of anyone you are living with before gaining entry. No one will be permitted entry if they are sick.

  • Our water station is blocked off and we cannot fill your personal water bottles so come with them already filled..


Maintaining physical distance

  • As previously stated each small group personal training station will have a minimum of 6 ft between stations with no shared equipment.

  • Each yoga or group fitness class will also have a minimum of 6 ft between mats.

  • Instructors and personal trainers will continue to adhere to a 6 ft social distancing protocol.

  • The only caveat to adhering to social distancing protocols would be in the case whereby a member needs medical attention.

  • We have amended our class schedule so that we have only a few classes overlapping in the studio but have staggered our start times so that there is not a bottleneck of people arriving.

  • We have placed a Plexiglas barrier at our front counter because we cannot maintain a 6 ft distance in this area if people are coming to sign up or ask questions.

  • We have an abundant supply of gloves for staff to use while handling equipment and cleaning. We also have masks for staff who might feel more comfortable wearing them while training or instructing a class.


  • We will have signs indicating that we will not admit anyone to the facility who is sick, or has travelled and needs to follow self-isolation protocols. This will also be communicated through our newsletter and email communications to our members as well as placed on our website.
  • Staff will not be permitted to work while sick.

Communication plans and training

  • Signage will be posted at the main entrance indicating limited occupancy, direction of traffic, hygiene practices, expectation to bring your own equipment, who is restricted from entering the premises, and sickness policies. Owners will be on the premises to ensure that all cleaning is being properly executed.

  • We will continue to monitor our business practices, check in with our staff and quickly make any necessary changes as we move forward.

Because our initial business model was based on small groups we already had many measures in place, such as a booking system for classes and a low staff to participant ratio. Our systems are automated so there is minimal need to handle credit cards, cash and paperwork.

We feel comfortable that the guidelines and measures we will be implementing moving forward are sufficiently adequate to ensure the safety of our workers and our members.

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